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Avalyn Evans

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The naked body is one of the rawest forms of art. Often in our society, it is frowned upon to expose our bodies but the naked body is the most beautiful. This blog is to show just how beautiful the naked body is.


I am a 24 year old pansexual art student just looking to express myself in different ways. I post pictures and videos of myself.

Bathing in the suits

Bathing in the suits

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Heading to my appointment for my hopefully new apartment. Which apartment layout would you choose?

Heading to my appointment for my hopefully new apartment. Which apartment layout would you choose?

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I need legitimate advice.

My dirty old man married boss keeps getting perverted with me. It’s a recurring thing and I just keep brushing it off.

But last night, once I was finishing up, comes up to me and puts his arms around me. He asks why I don’t give him hugs and if it’s because I have a boyfriend. I said I don’t date, which is the truth. He said “but you have needs. You need a lover. I could be your lover.” I just said his name in an exclaimed way! He kept repeating himself in my ear and pulling me tighter. I froze. He then asked how deep I am and that he “could be the one to get me wet”. I just laughed it off because I didn’t know how to respond. Finally he let go of me and said he would see me tomorrow.

Prior, he has grabbed my boob and told me that I need a real man. And to look at his hand because that’s the hand of “the commander”.

I know I should report this but I feel stuck.

I just applied for a higher up job position and I know I need his approval to get the position. And if I would report it, I know it would get swept under the rug and I could possibly lose my job. It’s so corrupted where I am.

I absolutely love my job. I really don’t know what to do. At all. And I’m really nervous about what will happen.

Please, can anyone offer me advice?

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My big butt couldn’t fit :(

My big butt couldn’t fit :(

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I’m convinced.

All the guys want petite little girls.

And here I am, standing at 6 feet tall.

Yet another fail.

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I’m CRAVING sex.

What’s the best way to go about getting it? Flirt?

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I need a little assistance.

I’m applying for a job within the company that I’m at now. Definitely a step up from the position that I’m at now. I want to write a killer resume and cover letter for the position basically stating why I’m the best candidate. What are some tips that you can provide that will make my resume or cover letter awesome?

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